Love afternoon tea? Then, you probably already have a tea set lying around your kitchen. Sure these are just that - tea sets. Changing them wouldn't really affect the flavor of the tea that you love. But if you're bored with having to look at the same old, plain tea set that you have, then maybe you'd like to add a little more class to them, something that Gorham silver will be able to provide.

Tea sets can add class and elegance and beauty to your kitchen. Gorham silver tea collection sets come in varying elegant designs, class, and unparalleled durability. The fact that they have been in the silver industry for more than over a decade is the reason why they're able to achieve all three mentioned without breaking a sweat, figuratively speaking of course.

Gorham silver tea collection set packages come in different sizes, shapes, and items included. So depending on the number of company that you have during your tea sessions, you might want to consider purchasing a set with only a few cups included or maybe more than the usual number you find on a regular basis, but nonetheless, Gorham silver will have it.

For those who want distinction of age as well as class in their Gorham silver tea collections, antique or older sets are being sold through online auction or shopping sites. Depending on the age of the set being sold, prices can range from below $50 up to $10,000. Designs can also greatly vary depending on the year the set was created.

You'll be able to buy individual pieces that you can add to your Gorham silver tea collections as well. To complete the look, you can purchase individually sold creamers, sugar bowls, kettles, bon-bon bowls, and even an additional tray for a different look. You can also purchase tea pots and coffee pots individually if you'd like.

In terms of durability, the Gorham Company prides itself in manufacturing techniques and meticulous methods in order to insure that each of their products will stand the test of time gracefully. Each of the silver items (not only the tea set) produced by Gorham is known to pass several stages of rigid tests and processes to give it the durability and finish that each and every owner can be proud of.

If you already have an old Gorham tea set at home, you might want to reconsider first before even attempting to replace them with the newer ones, because they might be more valuable than you know. If you want to tell the age of your tea set, you can check for markings or embellished designs found on them. Depending on the year, each tea set, spoon, tray, or silver item will have unique markings embedded on them, so check first before planning to replace, as you might end up throwing a treasure of an item away.